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A Hearty Welcome to Grimms Villa Resorts, a family oriented resort that is a part of the Grimms Group. We are situated at 6,000 feet in the Nilgiri hills in Naragiri, about 6 km from Kotagiri town, in the middle of picturesque hills and meandering valleys covered by lush tea plantations. The resort is easily accessible by road from Mettupalayam (33 km), Ooty (32 km) and Coonoor (28 km). The Kodanad View Point, Rangaswamy Pillar, Catherine Waterfalls and the attractions of  Ooty  and Coonoor are easily accessible from our resort. The Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (Tiger Reserve) is about 75 km and the Pykara Waterfalls are just about 45 km from here.

 The resort is situated near the village of Naragiri, outside Kotagiri town. Having been built on a slope, it offers magnificent views of the hills, valleys and the surrounding landscape. Verdant tea plantations surround this resort which is located inside the Grimms Tea Estate. Savour a cup of freshly brewed tea in the morning as you take in the early rays of the sun peeping from behind the hills and the calm chillness of the fresh morning air; it surely is an experience to behold! No traffic jams, no horns, no mad rush in the morning hours, just the cool breeze at your fingertips, the chirping birds and the passing clouds that smile at you! The panorama of the Nilgiris beckons you.

 At our resort, you can snuggle cozily in your bed and take in the magnificent views through the windows or take a walk in the tea estate enjoying the aroma of the fresh tea leaves. A short walk down the road will take you to a view point with fabulous views of the Kookal valley and the villages in the distance like Kookalthorai. You can go trekking in the valley, if you so desire. The Uyilatty waterfalls (Elk falls) is just a short trek from the resort (2 km). The famous Sullivan Bungalow (built in the 1800s by the then British Collector of Coimbatore and the first European settler in the Nilgiris-John Sullivan) is located at Kannerimukku, about 2 km from the resort.

 Enjoy the best of homely Indian, South Indian or Chettinad cuisine specially prepared by our cook and also savour some local Nilgiri delicacies. Our resort is equipped with all modern amenities and comforts. The resort is safe and secure at all times, so you can put those concerns aside.

 So, what are you waiting for? Escape the daily grind of the city and come to the Nilgiris to relax and refresh yourself at Grimms Villa Resorts. Enjoy the warmth and personal touch of southern hospitality firsthand. You can return with a lot of sweet memories from your trip to the Nilgiris (Blue Mountains). It sure is an experience in itself!.

DIRECTIONS TO THE RESORT: (Approximtely 6km from Kotagiri town) (Also see Grimms Villa Resorts, Naragiri on Google maps)

From Kotagiri town (Johnstone square (Kamaraj Statue)), take the road towards Kannerimukku (famous for the Sullivan Bungalow) via Ramchand square

Beyond KMF Hospital and church, take a U-turn towards Marvella on the down road and proceed to Kannerimukku

From Kannerimukku, proceed further towards M. Kaikatty

From M. Kaikatty junction, proceed along the up road (2 km) towards Naragiri and Marvella Estate 
*There is a resort sign board at the junction

Our resort is located on your right hand side just beyond the Naragiri village bus stop